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    A dysfunctional fridge can quickly change the diet program of your household. Not only are you unable to keep your food nourished by the fresh supplies that you usually preserve in your fridge, but you now have tons of food that can go bad within days. In case that food goes bad, the foul smell that fills the kitchen can make the space uncomfortable to spend time in.


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    One of the most necessary appliances that a family can own is the oven. This appliance enables families to prepare meals at home conveniently. When the oven malfunctions, your kitchen schedule is thrown into disarray. You and your family are forced to adapt to meals bought at restaurants and cafeterias. Of course, that leads to expenses that you may not have planned for. And if you own a food business, a lot of activities are abruptly disrupted as the oven is at the center of the preparation of most meals. Worse still, a dysfunctional oven is dangerous because the slightest leak of gas can start an inferno capable of razing down a whole building. Therefore, the repair of a defective oven should be taken very seriously.


    Many people who own ice makers don’t fully appreciate how important the appliance is until it abruptly breaks down and suddenly there’s no ice in the house. Things are worse when that happens in the middle of the summer when the sweltering heat of the sun is unbearable, and everyone needs an icy cold beverage. Of course, most top grade ice makers will rarely experience problems if they are taken good care of. But, as you probably already know, no electrical appliance is immune to problems every once in a while. The best you can do is know what signs indicate that your ice maker may be on the brink of breaking down and what to do when you see those problems.


    Few kitchen appliances are more hardworking than your stove and range. These appliances are involved in most of the food preparation that happens in the kitchen, whether at home or in your catering business. When one of these appliances breaks down, the results can be frustrating. Your kitchen routine at home is suddenly disrupted, and you are forced to rely on meals bought at restaurants. This, of course, translates to added costs on your budgeted expenditure. If you run a restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria, the consequences can worse. Every hour your stove and range remain unrepaired means business lost. So what do you do to get out of this crisis?


    In-home laundry would be hardly manageable without the help of modern appliances designed for the job. One of those appliances is the dryer. Your dryer helps to dry your clothes almost instantly once they’ve been cleaned. Without this essential appliance, you’d have to look for other means to get your clothes and linens dry, all of which are time-consuming and cumbersome. Consider drying your laundry in the sun, for instance. It’s a task that most people wouldn’t opt to do. The alternative, of course, would be to take your clothes to a dry cleaner, which means spending extra money. And if you own a laundromat, a malfunctioning dryer can spell disaster for your business.


    A freezer is one of the essential residential and commercial appliances for most residents of Altadena. Without this appliance, it would hardly be possible to stock up on perishable food supplies such as fruits, veggies, milk and meat. The FDA recommends that these food supplies be kept at environments of zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower. When the freezer is defective, a lot of things can go wrong. Firstly, you have a lot of food in your kitchen that can go bad within a day or two. Secondly, if the fridge is leaking, it can cause a mess on your floor. And since most freezers prove very inefficient in energy consumption when they are defective, you stand to incur higher energy bills than normal. Further, a noisy freezer is an inconvenience to your family and guests at home and your customers in your food business. So how do you address the problem?

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