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STOVE & RANGE REPAIR AltadentaFew kitchen appliances are more hardworking than your stove and range. These appliances are involved in most of the food preparation that happens in the kitchen, whether at home or in your catering business. When one of these appliances breaks down, the results can be frustrating. Your kitchen routine at home is suddenly disrupted, and you are forced to rely on meals bought at restaurants. This, of course, translates to added costs on your budgeted expenditure. If you run a restaurant, hotel, or cafeteria, the consequences can worse. Every hour your stove and range remain unrepaired means business lost. So what do you do to get out of this crisis?

Dealing With a Defective Stove and Range

A defective stove and range needs urgent attention, and it’s not just because you need to get your kitchen routine back to normal. You probably already know that there’s no bigger fire hazard than a leaking gas stove or an electric stove with an electrical fault. Failure to act quickly can lead to disaster. Additionally, faulty electrical appliances can be quite energy inefficient, costing you more in energy bills than you may have imagined. Generally, you can address the situation two ways:

  1. Buy a new stove and range to replace the defective one. This move will, of course, solve the problem instantly, but it will also cause a significant dent on your bank account. If there’s still life left in your stove and range, it’s best to avoid this solution.
  2. Repair the stove and range. You can find an experienced appliance repair technician to provide a lasting solution to the defective part in the stove and range. It’s by far the quickest and most affordable solution.

At Altadena Appliance Repair, we are always ready to respond to your call for stove and rage repair. We have a large team of vastly experienced technicians who can take on any stove and range repair issue presented to us.

Common Stove and Range Problems

Your stove is a very complex appliance that can experience a wide array of problems including the following:

  • Stoves that won’t turn on or off
  • Defective heating elements
  • Stoves that overheat
  • Stoves whose doors are defective
  • Stoves with broken electrical pans
  • Electrical wiring problems
  • Uneven heating
  • Faulty timers
  • Defective temperature calibration
  • Damaged drip pans

Some of the range and hood problems we commonly encounter include:

  • Problems coming on and shutting off
  • Too much noise in the hood
  • Defective lights
  • Broken speed controls

Some of these problems may not seem very serious at first, but they have the potential to cause further damage and eventually ruin your stove and range. At Altadena Appliance Repair, we can effectively fix any of these issues and many more.

Why Choose Us

No appliance repair company in the region understands stove and range repair better than we do. That’s because our technicians are leaders in the industry and have vast experience when it comes to working with all the top brands that manufacture stoves and ranges in the country and beyond. But that’s not all. We know how much you need your stove and range and always move quickly to get it up and running within the shortest time possible. Immediately you call our office, a friendly customer care representative keenly notes your repair issue and address and sends a competent technician over to help you. The technician will thoroughly assess your stove and range to make an accurate diagnosis of the issue. Once they are done, they’ll give you an estimate of the repair cost. Should you want the repair done right away, our expert gets to work. We usually come prepared with all the repair equipment and replacement parts that may be needed for the job. To guarantee lasting results, we only use factory-approved spare parts. Once the stove and range are functioning perfectly again, our technician will clean up the area before leaving.

About Us

Altadena Appliance Repair is one of the most reputable appliance repair companies in the region. We go out of our way to provide the best customer care experience to be found in the country. Our experts possess the requisite skills to repair and service a wide array of domestic and residential appliances from all brands in the country. We provide same day repair services at no added costs. Our services are available 24/7, throughout the year.

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