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DRYER REPAIR in Altadenta

dryer repair AltadentaIn-home laundry would be hardly manageable without the help of modern appliances designed for the job. One of those appliances is the dryer. Your dryer helps to dry your clothes almost instantly once they’ve been cleaned. Without this essential appliance, you’d have to look for other means to get your clothes and linens dry, all of which are time-consuming and cumbersome. Consider drying your laundry in the sun, for instance. It’s a task that most people wouldn’t opt to do. The alternative, of course, would be to take your clothes to a dry cleaner, which means spending extra money. And if you own a laundromat, a malfunctioning dryer can spell disaster for your business. That’s why keeping your dryer in good condition is so important. Of course, if you have a decent dryer and take good care of it, you can count on it to provide reliable service for a long time. But like all electrical appliances you have at home or in your business, your dryer will from time to time experience problems that call for repair, so the appliance gets back to its efficient functioning. The best you can do is know what signs to look out for so you can call an experienced appliance repair technician to help you out.

Top Dryer Repair Issues

Here are some of the top dryer repair issues our technicians at Altadena Appliance Repair encounter when working in the field

  • Dryers that won’t properly turn on or off
  • Dryers whose drum doesn’t spin
  • Dryers whose drum spins but there’s little or no heat
  • Dryers that generate excessive heat, burning clothes at times
  • Dryers that make too much noise
  • Dryers that take too long to heat

The moment you spot any of these issues, you need to act quickly. That’s because if you don’t, the problem will only get better, and in the end, you may have to pay much more to get it fixed. Secondly, a malfunctioning dryer will usually be energy inefficient, which results in high power bills. For those who run laundry businesses, every hour your dryer stays without repair is business lost.

How to Address the Problem

Generally, there are two ways to deal with the problem of a faulty dryer. The first is to replace the appliance with a new one. While this will do away with your woes, it also means you have to spend a small fortune on an unplanned expenditure. A new top grade dryer costs hundreds of dollars. The second option is to call an experienced appliance repair technician to fix the issue once and for all. That’s where we come in.

Why Choose Us

At Altadena Appliance Repairs, we have a team of technicians who are not just well trained in appliance repair but are also vastly experienced in the field. Thus, we can guarantee a lasting solution for any kind of dryer repair issue you may have. But that’s not our only strength. We provide same day service to ensure that your household chores or laundry business are not put on hold. We understand that in matters of appliance repair, every second matters. Once you call our office, a friendly attendant takes down your details and notes the nature of the problem you are experiencing. We then immediately dispatch one of our technicians with sufficient skills and knowledge in dealing with issues just like yours. As soon as our technician has arrived in your house or business premise, they’ll carefully assess your dryer to figure out the exact problem with the appliance. The technician will then give you an accurate estimate of the repair cost before immediately embarking on the repair once you give them the go ahead. In just a short while your dryer should be functioning perfectly again. We always bring the tools and replacement parts that may be needed for the repairs.

About Us

Altadena Appliance Repair is a local family-run appliance repair service with a reputation for providing stellar appliance repair and maintenance services for both commercial and residential setups. Our technicians are among the best in the country and are all EPA certified to deal with a wide array of appliance brands. Other than dryers, we also service and repair ice makers, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, stoves, washers, refrigerators, freezers, and many other appliances.

Contact Us

If you’d like to request a service, please reach us through our toll-free number: +1 (626) 298-8747